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OB Vans

To be known is miniature studio of TV Station, OB Van is also one of BDA’s strengths by updating and applying the most advanced technologies of famous brands such as Sony, Ikegami, For-A, Libec, Canon, PlayBox, Lynx, Nevion, Canare...




OB Van - Lam Dong Television and Radio Station

The initial projects, BDA had invovled in the provision and installation of OB Vans applied SD/HD cameras, from 04 cameras OB Van for Lam Dong TV & Radio Station to 08 cameras OB Van for Binh Duong TV & Radio Station. The Vans are equipped a combination of portable studio equipment together with technical equipment such as console, solid state/HDD video recorder, logo generator, CGI, communication, intercom system... to meet the performance requirements of remote recording, live TV programmes, important events.



 08 Camera OB Van - Binh Duong Television and Radio Station

In recent years, the process of converging technologies has developed strongly including Full HD TV technology. OB Vans have been also investing more advanced devices to catch up demands in this era. Instead of outdated SD/HD cameras, BDA has involved in the OB Van projects applied Full HD cameras with high quality recording and better resolution, typically as 04 Sony Full HD cameras OB Van for Long An TV & Radio Station, 05 Ikegami Full HD cameras OB Van for An Giang TV & Radio Station... In addition, not only use cameras with transmission technology via optical fiber but also wireless cameras to help more convenient in the operation process.


04 HD Camera OB Van  - Long An Television and Radio Station


05 HD Camera OB Van supported wireless camera

 An Giang Television and Radio Station



05 HD Camera OB Van supported wireless camera

 Quang Ngai Television and Radio Station

The projects are invested the heavy-duty trucks. The chassis system and working space are designed professionally and modernly as trend of the world to meet the use demand.

In addition to OB Van, BDA has also implemented Outside Radio Van projects, for instance a project of Khanh Hoa TV & Radio Station for production of radio programs applied the transmission technology via 3G network and the latest model Ford Transit Truck..


Radio OB Van (3G) – Khanh Hoa TV & Radio Station