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Broadcast Transmission

As the long-lasting business relationship with many famous brands in the broadcast industry such as GatesAir (Harris), NEC, ABE, Rohde & Schwarz, RFS, DB…, broadcast transmission is one of BDA’s strengths.

BDA provides and installs broadcast transmission devices such as FM transmitter system, TV transmitter system with the antenna and the associated auxiliary equipment. 



Harris 10kw FM Transmitter

An Giang TV & Radio Station

BDA’s FM transmitter projects are mostly 10kw capacity machines in accordance with general requirements and use objectives of local Stations at present, combined with microwave transmission directly help inform updated quickly and easily. In addition, BDA also carried out the maintenance, adjustment and upgrade projects for existing transmitters of Stations.



Harris 10kw TV Transmitter-liquid cooled

  Dong Thap TV & Radio Station

TV transmitter projects are to be implemented more by BDA with diverse categories of VHF/UHF, air-cooled/ liquid-cooled, analog/digital… Being accumulated experience from the initial supply of 2 - 3,5kw small capacity analog TV transmitters for Lam Dong, Long An TV & Radio Stations, over time, proven the ability and experience, BDA has been trusted to undertake projects with larger engine capacity up to 10kw. Although still use analog technology, these transmitters can be upgraded to digital technology by intergrating the software. The outstanding projects such as 10kw VHF transmitter system for Binh Thuan Station, NEC 10kw TV transmitter for Tra Vinh Station… Moreover, regarding the project of Tra Vinh Station, BDA and NEC’s expert team had successfully combined capacity of NEC machine with an existing transmitter manufactured by another firm, on purpose to enhance its capacity over 10kw when needed. Nowadays, along with the digital revolution, carrying on the government’s digitization for transmission, BDA have undertaken projects of supply the more modern transmitters which can be converted flexibly between analog and digital, depending on the requirement of Stations on different periods, for example 10kw digital TV Transmitter system for Dong Thap Station.


NEC 10kw TV Transmitter-liquid cooled

Tra Vinh TV & Radio Station


All transmitters are highly stable with 02 exciters:  exciter 1 “on air”, exciter 2 “standby” and vice versa, are operated by automatically exciter convert function.

In addition, BDA has also implemented many projects of supplying and installing broadcast tower, antenna tower, projects of transceiver, decode satellite signals, signals transmission, typically such as VTC, Tien Giang, Dong Thap Stations projects… invested devices of famous brands as Giga Communications, ST Electronics, Erricsson, Scopus, Metus…, the TV signals transmission system via 3G/4G with products of Teradek, via fiber optic with product of Lynx Technik


Microwave transmission system

An Giang TV & Radio Station



Technology-transfer for satellite broadcasting system (Giga-Communication, Erricsson) – VTC



120m Antenna Tower and ATU - VOH